Bodyguard offers a controlled artificial intelligence to protect individuals and businesses in real time from hateful content


Our mission

Bodyguard accompanies individuals and organizations to protect them from hateful comments and takes up the challenge that is close to our heart: end online hate.

Our vision

We should all be free to express ourselves, to create, without the fear of being insulted. The Bodyguard team has the ambition to offer a new model: a humanistic model in a respectful digital environment. Deeply committed to freedom of speech and proud to develop a benevolent technology, Bodyguard doesn’t really have big arms but a very robust artificial intelligence.
Bodyguard is...
Act before the damage is done
Protects in real time
Customize your own moderation rules
Participate in good deeds to end online hate
Apolitical, independent and humanistic

Our technology

Detection of content type

Insults, ridicule, trolls, moral or sexual harassment, racism, homophobia.

Social media languages comprehension

SMS language, Emojis, misspelled words, typing errors…

Type of protection

Cyberbullying aimed at an individual,
Hate speech aimed at a group or a minority,
Toxic comments, insults.


90% of hateful content detected,
Millions of comments deleted,
Daily improvement of the detection tool.

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